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College IntroductionApril 15, 2014


 Chengdu Textile College (CDTC) was founded in 1939, which was previously named the Central Acrobat and Art College


 Government recognized Full-time College


 Sole College on textile operation and education in western China


 Comprehensive College of Applied Sciences


 Locate in the center of southern China— Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province


 10,523 full-time students831 teachers and 43 professors


 Graduate employment rate maintains over 95% for consecutive 20 years


 National Higher Vocational College


 High-skilled Personnel Training Base for Textile and Garment Industry


 CDTC initiated the foundation of Southwest Textile & Fashion Vocational Education Alliance in 2012, which joined by 108 relevant institutions and enterprises. Over 200 Technology R&D Centers, Personnel Training Centers, in and out-campus Internship Bases have been established through the cooperation with local governments, associations, industrial parks and enterprises, namely, CDTC is selected as training center of KONE Elevators Co., Ltd. in western China;

employment-oriented co-education with Qianhong Group Suining Textile Co. Ltd., OTIS Elevator Company, branch in China, Raidy Boer Enterprise, etc.

 近年来,学校国际交流与合作不断扩大和深化。自2013年开始招收留学生,迄今已招收183名国际留学生。2015, 老挝留学生代表学校参加第八届中国东盟教育交流周—东盟留学生汉字听写大赛,赢得团体一等奖。迄今为止,我校已成功举办四届“一带一路”国际文化艺术周。立项建设了《手工印染和数码印染》、《蜀锦蜀绣》、《手工编织》、《手工旗袍定制》、《中国书法和绘画》、《陶艺篆刻》、《明清家具赏析》、《中国古建筑欣赏》、《情景汉语》等国际交流特色课程。艺术周期间举办国际时装秀、对140余名国际师生开展蜀锦蜀绣、手工印染、中国结编织和剪纸等实操工作坊培训,利用学校优质特色职教资源传承、弘扬、传播中国传统文化和手工技艺。

 CDTC spares no effort to expand and deepen international communication and cooperation. 183 international students have been enrolled in our college since 2013. In 2015, on behalf of college, Lao students participated the 8th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week----ASEAN Student Chinese Character Dictation Competition and won 1st Group Prize. Our college has been holding “Belt & Road” International Cultural Art Week for 3 years. Culture Courses for International Students are newly open, such as Hand & Digital Printing and Dyeing, Shu-Embroidery, Chinese Knot Weaving, Chinese Cheongsam Making, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Ceramics and Seal Cutting, Appreciation of Chinese Ancient Buildings and Contextual Chinese Language, etc. During the Art Week, International Fashion Show is presented, and more than 140 international teachers and students are trained in practical workshops on Shu-Embroidery, Chinese Knot Weaving, Hand Printing and Dyeing. CDTC inherits and broadcasts Chinese traditional culture and skills by utilizing high-qualified vocational education resources.


 Four foreign teachers are hired all the year round to teach language in the college. Since now, CDTC has established long-term good friendly relationships with more than 30 universities and the educational and training institutions in American, Germany, France, Japan, Burma, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hongkong and other countries and regions. CDTC insists on engaging in interuniversity exchange and cooperation, joint implementation of teacher professional training, Chinese students to study in Germany, Taiwan, America and learn ESL program and so on. Overseas Training Centre was set up, which is able to promote international study for students and teachers. More than 500 teachers and students have been abroad for further study, and at least 300 foreign experts and students visit or lecture in our college.

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