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One Patent for Utility Model -“A Kind of Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage Device with Rapid Adsorption and Discharge Rate” Authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office
2014-03-27 20:55:00

Another patent for utility model of our company named “A kind of metal hydride hydrogen storage device with rapid adsorption and discharge rate” had been authorized on March 26, 2014. The Patent No is ZL 2013 2 0163677.8.
A new type of hydrogen storage device has been proposed in the patent: porous metals with great hydrogen storage properties are filled in it, and the porous structure canbe changed with the hydrogen absorption expansion of hydrogen storage alloy. By this way, the free space is used effectively, and the pressure on the tank produced by expansion of hydrogen storage alloy is relieved, avoiding the deformation of the device. Meanwhile, the porous structure could provide the flow channels for hydrogen diffusion, which will be propitious to the reaction of hydrogen absorption or discharge. Besides, porous metals have excellent characteristics of heat transfer, improving the efficiency of heat exchange. To sum up, this design improves the properties of heat and mass transfer effectively, realizing the rapid hydrogen adsorption and discharge rate with high efficiency, safe and stable. The patent is the achievement of advocating technological innovation, which has high application value.
For years, our researchers had been dedicated to improving the comprehensive performance of metal hydride hydrogen storage device, and the product properties were continuously optimized by adjusting the design process on inner structure of device. In the process of R&D, our researchers solved the problems one after another by trial and error. With years' efforts, we had made remarkable achievements on the patents’ numbers compared with the same line. These patents increased the technology content of our products, strengthened the enterprise core competence and accumulated the motive force to go forward for the development of our company in the future!

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