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Whole Win Awarded as "Alibaba Ten-Years Golden Supplier"
2017-09-06 10:47:00

On Sep. 5th, 2017, our company was invited to participate in Alibaba appreciation banquet "Northern Foreign Trade becomes different because of me”. Our company was awarded as "Alibaba Ten-Years Golden Supplier" with an honorary certificate. This certificate represents our company’s good faith and performance in the past ten years foreign trade in Alibaba’s international network.


As a qualified China supplier in Alibaba, our company positively promoted overseas market and developed new customers in this platform. Our main products metal hydride hydrogen storage tank and hydrogen storage alloy have become mature products with advanced technology which have already gained customers’ satisfaction in the international market. Alibaba international platform opens up a new age for us to show our products to customers home and abroad. We believe our company's foreign trade business will be booming in near future with all efforts.

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